My name is Åshild, and I live on a farm in Vest-Telemark, Norway. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in languages and grammar. English was my favorite subject at school, and I pursued this interest when I started university, where I did a one-year program in English studies and later acquired a bachelor’s degree in English translation and intercultural communication. The second year of my bachelor’s degree, I did two semesters in Victoria, Canada, where I really got to experience what it’s like to use English daily. In Canada, I studied both French and German, among other things. The German language stuck and came back to Norway with me. Nynorsk has always been the Norwegian language variant that I use, and that’s why I offer, and am very interested in, proofreading and copy editing of Nynorsk as well as translation to and from Nynorsk. I’ve worked for a company specializing in language and writing services and through this job, as well as freelancing, I’ve gained experience working with different kinds of text, fiction as well as non-fiction.


Would you like some help with your text? Don’t hesitate to contact me!